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We'll ensure your programs and projects succeed while you focus on your other priorities.

Reducing the Complexity of Projects and Programs

Since 2005, the firm’s founders have provided services including program and project design and management for federal, state, and local government agencies, private non-profits and enterprises. The firm focuses on adding value to decision-making processes for clients.

Emergent Risk Solutions and its senior leaders have supported federal, state, and local infrastructure and grant programs for decades. With roots in infrastructure and construction management, our team has a unique understanding and ability to simplify the often complex processes associated with government grant programs. Our team of experienced experts are available to provide exceptional, high quality and high value services, with a focus on meeting your organization’s unique needs, all while maximizing opportunities available to you from the myriad of available programs and funding sources.

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Program and Project Management Services

With extensive knowledge, skills, abilities and experience in scheduling, analysis and review, our team is familiar with project management principles as well as industry standard tools and techniques, including Microsoft Project and Primavera P6. Our project team is lead by Nate Dronette, PMP, a Project Management Professional through the Project Management Institute (PMI) with a knack for identifying organizational weaknesses and improving operations throughout the project or program lifecycle.

Our project management focused approach proves that properly planning and initiating projects, and thoroughly following the Project Management Book of Knowledge (PMBOK) to properly define the project type as well as the appropriate annexes to the project management plan to ensure success by identifying all possible risks and opportunities and monitoring throughout to ensure we stay ahead of problems, ensuring we are proactive rather than reactive.

Our team has designed and implemented project management plans and has templates and resources on hand to support your organization, whatever the need may be. Additional services offered include:

  • Program Administration and Management
  • Policy, process and procedures development
  • Project Management Plan Development
  • Cost Management
  • Schedule Management
  • Communication Management
  • Quality Management
  • Charter Development
  • Change Management
  • Scope Management
  • Risk Management
  • General Project Management


Supporting public and private sector organizations to achieve project success.

Core Values

We integrate these values into every aspect of our work.

Ensure Ethics, Integrity & Compliance

Provide High Quality & High Value Services

Build Trust & Collaborate

Integrate Lessons Learned & Improve

Promote Diversity & Inclusion

Give Back

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National Experience

Emergent has worked with hundreds of public and private organizations across the world. Beyond state and local experience, Emergent actively supports four national FEMA contracts which cross many states and FEMA regions. 

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