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Missy Roberts

Senior Consultant

Ms. Roberts is a highly effective Senior Consultant with extensive knowledge of the rules and regulations that govern both legacy and current disasters. She has been in the trenches of the FEMA Public Assistance Program for the last 15 years in the public and private sectors.

The roles Missy has served in have been progressively more complex, where she has represented both state and local organizations. For nearly a decade, she served in progressive roles for Louisiana GOHSEP, ultimately an Officer for the Disaster Recovery division before moving into the private sector. Since moving into the private sector, Missy serves in roles as Senior Consultant and Project Manager, depending on the need. Ms. Roberts has provided exceptional grant program advisory services for dozens of organizations including school districts, nonprofits, state government offices, religious organizations, municipalities and counties/parishes.

Missy’s experience is vast and includes oversight of advisory of geographically dispersed and remote disaster recovery teams. She is a demonstrated leader, with a proven ability to manage complex projects and priorities under pressure, ensuring deadlines are met – all without sacrificing quality or accuracy.

Ms. Roberts is passionate about providing the high quality, ethical service to the clients we serve, resulting in maximum reimbursement and compliance with federal, state and local requirements.

Missy’s subject matter expertise includes the areas of procurement guidance, grant formulation and management, cost reasonableness and analysis.

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