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Sean Wyatt

Sr. Program Manager

Mr. Wyatt’s role at ERS is to simplify complex programs. Sean leverages 16 years of key federal grant experience to provide high quality, high value results to ERS clients. Before ERS, Sean served Louisiana in many leadership positions at LA GOHSEP between 2007 and 2024. Notable leadership positions included:

  • Assistant Deputy Director, Hazard Mitigation Assistance (HMA)
  • Executive Officer, Grants and Administration
  • Section Chief, Operations – Preparedness, Response, Interoperability
  • Section Chief, Grants Management – Public Assistance (PA)

Managed $4 Billion in Mitigation Funds

As Assistant Deputy Director of HMA for over 6 years, Sean led a team of 40+ who administered a four billion dollar statewide mitigation portfolio, in addition to developing and maintaining the state’s Hazard Mitigation Plan. The HMA division delivered statewide technical assistance, developed and administered hundreds of scopes of work to protect life and property from recurrent natural hazards, and formulated grants across many programs as a result. Programs administered included:

Managed $12 Billion in FEMA PA Funds across 9 Disasters, 23 EOC Activations, $560 Million in State Management Costs

  • As Section Chief of GOHSEP PA Grants, Sean oversaw a team of more than 100 grant managers, charged with managing over $12 billion dollars in disaster recovery grants across nine open disasters.
  • As Section Chief of Operations, Louisiana’s EOC was activated 23 times under Sean’s leadership. Additionally, Sean deployed to New York City for response to Superstorm Sandy as part of an EOC Emergency Management Assistance Compact (EMAC) mission.
  • As Executive Officer of Grants and Administration, Sean administered Louisiana’s State Management Cost, totaling over $560 million for sixteen open disasters.

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